Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rule #6

Short: Dont be shy, dont get mad and never get hurt.

Since you will always meet guys with longer track records, more time and more fans (or just more time, or plain evil doers) you will come under attack.

If it is personal - ignore it. If it is more matter-of-fact - stay within the topic discussed, don't get personal.

And if it is somenone with more time, more fans and longer trackrecord, and a cooler more recoqnized nick (some might say powerful nick) who is harrassing you - remember that the guys cheering him are doing it to kiss his ass, not to harass you. And those on your side -well- they dont say much. (unless you can have a non-public communication with them, such as a PM or mail).

It's like back in the schoolyard. The bigger guys have a bunch of lesser guys around them. The smaller guys shatter untill the fight is over.

Well, that said, the smaller guys on the schoolyard are more likely to be behind the more powerful nicks :-)(Did I get personal?)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Rule #5

Short: When you are a newbie you are excused

Longer: The difference between the offline world and the online world (in questions of social interactions) are small. New guys eager to learn and open about their inexperience are treated well.

New guys with a bad attitude are not.

But if you say you'r a newbie after stating the obvious or doing other no-no thing, you are excused.(for the most- at least as long as your intentions where not harmfull.)

And remember - YOU are also supposed to be nice to newbies.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Rule #4

Short: The web is an archipelago of interests, not a blurry soup of information.

Longer: Since Internet is driven by interests, like-minded tend to group up, like in the offline world. That means, when you are entering a community or other social cluster of users, they most likely have a shared view on the topics discussed. They may argue on the small things - within the topics discussed- but the shared interest of the larger things made them group up to start with. And attracted you too. (in forums for gardeners people may argue how to mown the lawn, but not on how to chip a PS2)

Like in the offline world, some users/people have more authority than others, based on their history. Their Nick's are more recognized.

Pick a figth with one of them to be respected or rejected.

Dont bother if all you want is to stay in the background.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rule #3

Short: Internet is for nerds

Longer:Radio is for company, TV is for enterteinment, Internet is for interests. That means, that if you ave a strong intrerest in anything- really anything- internet is the place for you to let your interest flourish. Meet others with the same interest, learn, teach and discuss. Create a blog or website in honour of your interest. Join communities and mailinglists. Subscribe to RSS, add bookmarks to your browser...

Now you know it. But, there are som mediacompanies out there trying to entertain you on the net. They don’t know yet.

And- if you are not a nerd, if what you want is bread and entertainment: stay in the offline world -have a pizza in front of the TV. (nothing wrong with that)

PS I owe this insight to this man

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rule #2

Short: Speak your mind but dont expect or seek agreement.

Longer: When engaging in discussions and conversations in forums, communities and IRC - speak your mind. Listen/read, reply and so on like in debates in the offline world.

But do not expect consensus. Consensus is for the offline world. On the web you leave instead of negotiate an agreement with you opponents. Simply just stop posting. And see rule #6

Monday, June 13, 2005

Rule #1

Short: get a nick

Longer: a nick is your name on the web, your alias. Pick something good. Dont use blanks. If your name is John Doe, your nick might be JohnDoe, John_Doe or JohnD. or John.. but - since you want to be unique, John Doe is not good. Come up with something new. (name and age? JohnD33?)

If you truly have a unique Nick, then you will be very searchable on google.

Nicks are also known as Nicknames, aliases, handles.

And - as Vernon Vinge said - keep your true name to yourself