Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rule #3

Short: Internet is for nerds

Longer:Radio is for company, TV is for enterteinment, Internet is for interests. That means, that if you ave a strong intrerest in anything- really anything- internet is the place for you to let your interest flourish. Meet others with the same interest, learn, teach and discuss. Create a blog or website in honour of your interest. Join communities and mailinglists. Subscribe to RSS, add bookmarks to your browser...

Now you know it. But, there are som mediacompanies out there trying to entertain you on the net. They don’t know yet.

And- if you are not a nerd, if what you want is bread and entertainment: stay in the offline world -have a pizza in front of the TV. (nothing wrong with that)

PS I owe this insight to this man


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