Friday, June 17, 2005

Rule #4

Short: The web is an archipelago of interests, not a blurry soup of information.

Longer: Since Internet is driven by interests, like-minded tend to group up, like in the offline world. That means, when you are entering a community or other social cluster of users, they most likely have a shared view on the topics discussed. They may argue on the small things - within the topics discussed- but the shared interest of the larger things made them group up to start with. And attracted you too. (in forums for gardeners people may argue how to mown the lawn, but not on how to chip a PS2)

Like in the offline world, some users/people have more authority than others, based on their history. Their Nick's are more recognized.

Pick a figth with one of them to be respected or rejected.

Dont bother if all you want is to stay in the background.


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