Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rule #6

Short: Dont be shy, dont get mad and never get hurt.

Since you will always meet guys with longer track records, more time and more fans (or just more time, or plain evil doers) you will come under attack.

If it is personal - ignore it. If it is more matter-of-fact - stay within the topic discussed, don't get personal.

And if it is somenone with more time, more fans and longer trackrecord, and a cooler more recoqnized nick (some might say powerful nick) who is harrassing you - remember that the guys cheering him are doing it to kiss his ass, not to harass you. And those on your side -well- they dont say much. (unless you can have a non-public communication with them, such as a PM or mail).

It's like back in the schoolyard. The bigger guys have a bunch of lesser guys around them. The smaller guys shatter untill the fight is over.

Well, that said, the smaller guys on the schoolyard are more likely to be behind the more powerful nicks :-)(Did I get personal?)


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