Friday, July 08, 2005

Observation #1

Short: Metaphors have a decisive influence on the future development of the web

Longer: Since day one, the web has been subject to a lot of metaphors, simply because metaphors work very well for describing things and events where we lack a precise vocabulary. New words and expressions, such as “Blogg” or “mososo”are being created, but are vague and interpreted in different ways until the exact meaning of them is widely accepted, ( and the feature it describes therefore is considered ready, done, shipped and delivered. ?).

When it is widely accepted, it really takes off in use and sort of freezes in designing/development. Or, when most designing/development is done, people start to use it? And therefore agree on the description of it, the label?

Misunderstandings and misinterpretations and wrong labeling of metaphors and words are very harmful. Much BS has been said about “the information highway” and “pirates”. Some media starts “bloggs” which when you look closer just are ...well, webpages? And file sharing is by some considered criminal.


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