Thursday, July 21, 2005

What is new and what is not?

As always: we are humans, which basically means that we are more or less social creatures, with different (or similar or same) needs and goals, and we use different (or similar or same) ways to reach our goals. Look into sociology and psychology for a lengthier explanation of that.

New: We have a new world with new tools, the world is called the online world. The tools are still being invented but some of them are email, social softwares, blogs and games.

But we are still the humans - and this you have heard before – we are built for coping mentally with a life much more primitive than that we live today.

Therefore we are sometimes trapped into beliving that the online world differs very little from the offline world.

One major difference is that when you live in the offline world, the people you meet mostly don’t share your interests. Social interaction also is more forced. You rarely choose your colleagues, fellow passengers on a bus, or neighbours.

When in the online world – that’s exactly what you do In the online world you choose your company – always. And THAT is new. (add the global aspect to this, if you are not sure if it is genuinely new).


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