Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Observation # 4

Since the online world is growing rapidly, and more people than ever join the big communities, the total overflow of information spawned a new way of organizing info.

The old way, used in hundreds of years, is to let someone with knowledge about the information (a librerian?) categorize the bits and pieces of info (books) to make information easy to find ("hmm.. thats on shelf 13, under non-fiction")

Well.. the organizers of the online world cant do that if the information (also called content) is added faster than they can categorize it. Which is just what happens at for example Flickr.

Therefore, the user who provides the content also labels it, with sometihing called a tag.

This way of organizing is called folksonomy. It is more random, more subjective and completely lacks order and structure. And again... its very very subjective. What is non- fiction and what is fiction? (UFO landings are... fiction? science fiction? Facts?)

There is a debate is whether this is good or not. Thats missing the point. So far, there are no options.


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We are not alone

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We are not alone

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