Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Web 2.0 or: why you are here.

Well then -what happened? Internet came, loads of money pumped up a "bubble" that popped, and then...the days came and went and ..the hype is back? And it is called Internet 2.0 or something like that.

And what is it and hat fuels it?

First of all, more people today use the internet in many more ways simply because broadband is more common.

Second, CMS (also known as CMT's, or content management systems), got so cheap and simple that they were for free and text only (blogs).

Third- for those of us who already knew how to create and maintain a website, RSS came in to the picture. (something for the masses- blogg, and something for the few- RSS). (and yes, RSS is still for the few)

And here we are. Internet 2.0


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