Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Anarchy VS government

Within the world where you are allowed and supposed to interact there are two types of social softwares. The anarchic and the governed social software.

The vast majority of popular social softwares are governed by the creators AND the users. Lets have a closer look at those users in later posts.

More about rules for digital interaction

Speaking about rules, there are two levels of rules

1- The one level you are meant to interact in. The game or forum or whatever itself. Breaking, or bending the rules here is mostly harmless (but also annoyning to some other users).

The designers of your virtual world might say "shit, we didnt think of that", and either fix the hole in the set of rules that you exploited, or say "shit, why didnt we come up with that first?" and let it be a accepted behaviour by other users.

2- The technical level. Break the rules here and you can "cheat". Often, figuring out how to cheat is more fun than doing it. And you might upset the designers of your social software. So just don't.

If you are the designer of a social software, EXPECT people that people will try to cheat by hacking in.